Winner of the colouring competition!

Winner of the colouring competition!

The winner for the colouring competition is Angela Jennings for her lovely Art Journal Pages. 

Well done Angela, your one talented lady.

A Crafty Divas voucher is on its way to you!





Angela's Art Journey, as told by Angela herself:

The trees were drawn with pastels, which I didn't like, so I wiped the pages down. The colours just sort of soaked into the paper which gave me the basic coloured background. 

I turned the page upside down, which to me looked like weeks underwater. 

I then drew the mermaid sitting on the rocks looking at her reflection.

The small fish are stamped, I have gone over the stamped image with glossy accents; as is her face in the mirror which gives a cool reflection in real life. 

The rocks, big fish and star fish are created using Texture paste through stencils. 

Her hair started small and just grew and grew. This was done using shimmer inks. 

I stenciled glass bead paste over parts of her hair through a scroll stencil to add more texture. 

The bits of dark coral is done with archival ink through a stencil. I added shimmer texture paste bubbles and bumpy type dose using a stencil to add more interest.

The mermaids scales were a mix of course glitter and some embossing. 

I like the glass beads in her hair that looks like she has interesting sea life dwelling in there. 





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2 Comments To "Winner of the colouring competition!"

MARGARET On 17 Nov 2015
Well done. Looks even better up close. X x Reply to this comment
Crafty Divas On 17 Nov 2015
Thanks for your lovely comment Margaret, Angela sure is one talented artist!

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