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  • Precision Stamp Press The perfect tool to use with cling mount stamps.
    Stamp Press Includes:
    ·         Grid and ruler guides
    ·         Magnetic backing
    ·         2 Magnets
    ·         Stamping area A5 22cm x 16.5cm (8.65" x 6.5")
    Because the stamp press has no raised edges on 3 sides  of the Stamp Press, you can use the Stamp Press with any size cardstock.

    *Please Note:

    Magnets are very strong magnetically; however, can chip easily if magnatised together. Because of their brittle nature, magnets will not be warrantied, replaced, returned, or exchanged. It is crucial to handle these magnets with extreme care to avoid personal injury and damage to the magnets. Fingers can be pinched between attracting magnets. Magnets can chip if allowed to “jump at” an attracting object. 

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Precision Stamp Press

  • $44.99

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